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Bar Globe World is owned and operated by The Orange Basement, LLC – a family business that started out in a corner of an orange-painted basement.

Now bar globes are our only business and there’s only one reason for that – because we love them. We specialize in vintage bar globes and bar globe replicas (but we do offer modern bar globe furniture as well). Most of our globe bars are hand made in Italy.

Some retailers sell world globes among a variety of merchandise. Some sell a variety of globes. Very few, if any, sell bar globes exclusively. At we do, and we are committed to providing you with a wide selection so that you can find exactly the kinds of globe bars you are searching for, whether they are floor-standing globe bars, desktop bar globes, bar cart & trolley or other. But the bottom line is … we love bar globes. 

Our first office was pieced together from the clutter scattered in our basement: a pair of desks, a filing cabinet and … a beautiful old wooden bar globe. Things have changed since then, but we still get a pleasant feeling when we remember that basement, especially the bar globe that led us here. We hope to pass that feeling on to you.
We won’t give you the usual rhetoric about how excellent our products and policies are. No retailer would claim otherwise. We won’t give you the standard speech about how much we care or that you’ll get our undivided attention if you contact us. You simply will. We won’t give you a key ring or a set of ear plugs along with your purchase. Gimmicks aren’t our style.

No, we won’t tell you how great we are, but we do hope you’ll tell us.

Sincerely, Rita & John

Introducing John and Rita, Bar Globe World’s husband-and-wife-team

Photo of John - owner of Bar Globe WorldJohn never thought he’d be running a business, much less owning one. He was a qualified electrical engineer in England, where he was born and raised, and fully expected to continue working in that field until he retired. Then he accidentally met Rita online through a music collectors’ site and things took an unexpected turn.Photo of Rita - owner of Bar Globe World

At the time, Rita owned and managed two successful restaurants, a pizza delivery service (with online ordering), and a bakery. John eventually relocated to be with her and got involved in the business. Rita had been operating her food services for over a decade, an endeavor that required long on-site hours seven days a week. Both John and Rita wanted a bit more time to themselves and a little less stress. And so the restaurant industry was replaced by online retail.

John studied electrical engineering at Croydon College, is a self-taught graphic designer and likes to golf. Rita has degrees in biology and journalism from the University of Illinois at Chicago and likes to read. They both love music, movies and console games, and they rehab houses in their spare time.

Why Shop at Bar Globe World?

Free Shipping to the USA and More!*

All BarGlobeWorld globe bars ship FREE to the contiguous United States & the majority of floor globe bars, desk globe bars, specialty bar globes, bar carts & trolleys ship FREE to Europe too! get the details in our Shipping & Delivery Policy

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The Quality of Bar Globes at

We at BarGlobeWorld sell bar globes we ourselves can take pride in, and that means quality. As a matter of fact, over 90% of the bar globes we offer are hand finished in Italy by Zoffoli, the world leading manufacturer of antique replica wooden globes and globe drinks cabinets. read more about Zoffoli 

Satisfaction or Your Money Back
Your opinion is the only one that matters. So if you’re not entirely satisfied, for any reason, just return your purchase within 30 days and we’ll refund your money – no hassles, no headaches, no questions. At BarGlobeWorld we want to make sure you’re getting exactly what you want.   get the details in our Returns & Exchanges Policy

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No Sales Tax…*

…Except on orders shipped to the state of Illinois

You save money when you shop for bar globes online instead of a standard brick and mortar store. BarGlobeWorld does not charge sales tax on any order unless it is being shipped to the state of Illinois. We are located in Illinois and are required by law to charge local sales tax.


No Hidden Costs

Money doesn’t grow on trees. Some retailers burden you with miscellaneous hidden charges like restocking fees on returns. We don’t. BarGlobeWorld strongly believes it’s wrong to punish customers for changing their minds or wanting anything other than they expected, so the only charge you will be responsible for is the cost of shipping item(s) back to us.