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Our Aristocratic Floor Globe Bar was featured in a Newsweek article.


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May 4, 20165 Benefits to Buying a World Globe Liquor Cabinet
April 23, 20163 Reasons to Buy a Classy World Globe Bar for Your Home or Office
April 11, 20164 Reasons Why a Globe Bar Trolley or Bar Cart Is a Great Mother’s Day Gift Idea
March 08, 2016How to Clean and Maintain your Wooden Antique Globe or Replica
February 20, 2016Tips on Caring for Antique Globes, Bar Globes and Replicas
March 9, 2015Bosses Love Bar Globes
September 23, 2014Top 5 Reasons to Purchase a Globe Liquor Cabinet
August 11,2014Globe Bar Set – Useful and Fashionable
June 10, 2013To Sell You a Bar Globe I Have to Drown You in Social Media
December 9, 2012A Round Earth Theory or a World Globe – Which Came First?
February 17, 2012Newsweek Features Bar Globe from BarGlobeWorld
October 22, 2012The “Old World” in Old World Globes Is Often Nothing More Than Old-School Marketing
June 6, 2011How Many People Can You Fit In a Globe?


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