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Image of Newsweek article featuring

Newsweek's Want Page features BarGlobeWord's vintage replica Aristocratic Floor Globe Bar in "Alexa Chung Picks a Few of Her Favorite Things," where the "it" girl says our bar globe is "really rad." It's online at The Daily Beast or read about it in our articles: BarGlobeWorld in Newsweek.


Customer Testimonials
     I simply love my High Roller Globe Bar!  It shipped from Italy across the Adriatic in two days and arrived as stated.  Easy to assemble and it looks gorgeous! Thank you for the product and company integrity! Jeanne Potter.
--- Jeanne Potter, Croatia

      Thank you for the great experience and for making this so easy. I love the product, it completes my man cave and I’m ready to watch the Hawks Vs. Montreal battle it out for the Stanley Cup !!
      A friend of ours is an interior designer.  He was over and howled when he saw it.Thank you and all the best.

--- Allan Hargreaves, Calgary

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Newsweek Features BarGlobeWorld Bar Globe

Free Shipping on All BarGlobeWorld Orders to the U.S. and Many to Europe.
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Newsweek Features Bar Globe from BarGlobeWorld
February 17, 2012


Image of Newsweek article featuring  has been featured in Newsweek's "Alexa Chung Picks a Few of Her Favorite Things," where the British "it" girl "calls our Aristocratic Floor Globe Bar "really rad." She's right - it is!


See our bar globe in Newsweek's online version in The Daily Beast's Entertainment & Fashion photo gallery, or pick up a Feb. 20, 2012 issue of Newsweek magazine.


Until now the Newsweek magazine’s Want Page has only been accessible online, but the print issue has finally made it from the presses to the stores!


In the Want Page, Chung says she's "obsessed with vintage globes," and it's an honor that she chose one of our bar globes to illustrate her obsession.


 This Italian-made 16th century replica globe bar is a true copy of an original piece and contains a museum-quality reproduction map. The floor-standing vintage replica globe mini bar comes in a choice of three colors: classic, safari and laguna.



If you have an obsession with globe bars too, knows the perfect way to satisfy it!



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