Floor Globe Bars with Large GlobesBar Globe Cabinets with Large Globes (19-22″ Diameter)

These impressive floor-standing bar globes feature large globes. They are considered large due to the girth of their world globes and not the size of the floor standing world globe bar furniture. The diameters of the large world globes on these floor stand drinks cabinets range between 19 and 22 inches.

Bar Globe World takes great pride in its vintage world globe bar cabinets and the quality of each floor globe bar set in our large globes section. Most of our large bar globes are made in Italy by Zoffoli, the world leader in vintage wooden globe furniture production with over 60 years of globe-making expertise. Zoffoli’s vintage globes and modern world globe bars are true replicas of original antique globes, featuring accurate 16th century maps and hand-finished screen printing.      read more about Zoffoli

Floor-standing globe bars are more than just large globes with hidden liquor cabinets, and floor globe bars are more than pretty pieces of bar globe furniture. The antique globe drinks cabinet replicas found here are true works of vintage replica furniture art, decor that makes a statement. So go ahead and make a statement!

Floor-stand globe bars also make excellent retirement gifts and powerful executive gifts. Impress your boss with a vintage bar globe or give a loved one a gift certificate for a globe with a bar from BarGlobeWorld.com.

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