In Vogue floor globe bar -modern world globes - black.The Geographica Collection | Contemporary Decor with Modern World Globes

The Geographica Collection is Zoffoli’s design & contemporary collection of modern world globes. Thee bar globes are in our current world map globe bars category.

“Zoffoli’s dream has always been to combine the ancient craft of globe-making with the latest technological solutions, thus way succeeding in exploiting new materials with traditional methods on an industrial level, and aiming to create a modern version of the geographical globe that remains true to the concept of elegance and excellence in a classical crafted object.” — Zoffoli

When you think of Italian furniture you think of an indulgence in design and simplicity. These are characteristics that give rise to the models of Zoffoli’s Geographica Collection. Striking and stunning creations of unique materials and handicraft, these exclusive modern globes are perfectly suited to both classic and chic interiors. With its beautifully detailed illustrations, this collection combines contemporary style and design with world globes that are educational and geographical tools, distinguishing features of Made in Italy by Zoffoli.

Geographica Collection by Zoffoli