Desk & table globes category - image by Bar Globe WorldDesk Globe Bars & Table Top Bar Globes – A World of Class on Your Table

Desk globe bars from transform any plain surface into a piece of vintage globe furniture. Many people have world globes perched on tables or shelves, but an antique replica desk globe with a home mini bar inside turns a globe into vintage decor. Plus, you get bar storage and globe bar furniture all in one.

Desktop globe mini bars don’t mean limited bar storage. Many of the antique replica table top bar globes offered at BarGlobeWorld have diameters as large as the world globes of floor globe bars or globe bar carts and trolleys. The width of some table & desk globe bars is greater.

Impress bosses or partners with corporate gifts – antique replica desktop globe bars. We know bosses love bar globes, so give yours a 16th-century replica globe bar or gift certificates for bar globes from BarGlobeWorld.

There are more advantages to having a portable wine bar in a vintage world globe replica that sits on a table: you don’t need floor space to fit a small globe bar set; you can use it to adorn featureless tables or counters; small bar globes are more moderately priced than floor globe bars or globe bar carts & serving trolleys, since you already own the base. Antique replica desk globe bars turn ordinary pieces of furniture into works of bar furniture art.

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