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Bar Globe World Customer Testimonials, Opinions & Reviews

I simply love my High Roller Globe Bar!  It shipped from Italy across the Adriatic in two days and arrived as stated.  Easy to assemble and it looks gorgeous!  Thank you for product and company integrity! 
 — Jeanne Potter

Thank you for the great experience and for making this so easy.  I love the product, it completes my man cave and I’m ready to watch the Hawks Vs. Montreal battle it out for the Stanley Cup !!

A friend of ours is an interior designer.  He was over and howled when he saw it.  He knows of clients who also are getting into the retro era so I have passed along your email and web site with my highest recommendation.  Thank you, and all the best.

 — Allan Hargreaves
Manager, Corporate Security & Corporate Services
Alberta, Canada

Very impressed with the service I have received. Thank you.
 — Jane Cowen

I’m glad to inform you that the globe bar is now assembled and it just looks great in my living room. I’m so satisfied with your courtesy and your support that I wrote a review on the Web site. Thank you again.
— Pierre Gagne

I love my Throne Room globe bar! It’s probably the most beautiful piece of furniture I’ve ever had in my home.
— Holly Able
Rome, NY

I’ve just wanted to thank you for all of your efforts, we loved the globe. Thanks again 🙂
— Tugce Habip

I ordered a bar globe for my boyfriend for Christmas. I was very disappointed to see that it was damaged when it arrived. I wasn’t looking forward to having to go through all of the paperwork to fill out a Fedex damage claim because I’ve done it before and it was a big hassle. But as it turns out all I had to do was take a picture and send it to Barglobeworld and they did the rest. They sent me a replacement and everything worked out great.


Thanks for your excellent customer service.

— Michelle
Dallas, TX

I just received the globe. It is gorgeous. I will put it right in the middle of the living room so that everybody gets served with ease.


To your information, this globe was featured as part of the standard living room in a very popular TV series in Cyprus.


Thank you for a smooth international transaction.

— Theotokis Yiannakkaras

I was a bit nervous about ordering this online because it’s quite a bit of money, but I’m so glad I did.
— Rita
Cicero, Illinois

The whole family pitched in for this wine rack globe for my dad on Father’s Day. He absolutely loved it and said it was nicer than any other he’s had. He loves these globe bars and has had at least two in the past.
— Carrie
North Carolina

I ordered this for my husband’s office. Even though it was shipped directly from Italy it arrived 5 days after I ordered it. It is well made and stunning.
— Anne
New York, New York

I’ve always wanted a bar globe, and I love antique replica furniture. When I saw the bar globes on your site I just had to have one and hoped that it would look impressive, not a cheap imitation. When it arrived I was more than satisfied and I absolutely love it. Viva Italy!
 — Isabella
Grand Rapids, Michigan

The name of this globe bar helped me make up my mind as to which globe to get for my office. I had been wanting a vintage floor globe for ages. I’m not disappointed in the slightest. Everyone who comes into the office is pleasantly stunned. Thanks.
 — John
Daytona Beach, Florida

My girlfriend and I bought this for our loft apartment. Our decor is very contemporary and we wanted something that fits the decor and adds class at the same time. This (In Vogue Black Floor Globe Bar on Casters) was perfect!
— Deb

The quality of the bar globe I ordered is superb, but  I also wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service, which is among the best I have ever encountered, perhaps even the best. I appreciate your overseas calls and patience in answering all my enquiries.
— Nigel
Surrey, England