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Anyone familiar with the art of globe-making knows that Zoffoli globes by this Italian manufacturer are the best of the best when it comes to globes, and it has been that way for decades. 

In 1949 Italo Zoffoli, the leader of a generation of expert artisans, decided to set up his own company specializing in the manufacture of classical globes, combining his passion for antique maps with his woodworking skills. In his hands and through his ingenuity, simple raw materials became beautiful globes, which were then hand painted and transformed into unique and unrepeatable pieces.

World Leader in the Manufacture of Antique-Style Globes

The Italian media turned the spotlight on Italo Zoffoli in 1963 and contributed to the company’s fame. The Italian globe manufacturer remains a family business to this day, a fact of which the company is extremely proud. Each generation of the family has grown and continued the development of the company. The latest generation, led by Mattia Zoffoli, has combined the knowledge and craftsmanship passed down to him with the latest technology, particularly in terms of cartography and print.

Today the company still produces classic globes and antique-style globe drinks cabinets with the same passion shown by the artisan decades ago.

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Have a sneak peek at the manufacturing process:

Zoffoli Manufacturing Plant | Rimini, Italy

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History & Recognition

Zoffoli awardThe history of Zoffoli brand along with its collections’ assortment testify to the company’s commitment to preserving the craftsmanship tradition, aiming at a production that is always true to the preservation of detail and style. Zoffoli’s roots lay in ancient times rich of passion, perseverance and constant dedication, obtaining in this way the attention of Italian press and acknowledgements in miniatures and cartography field.

Of this period it is remarkable the “Tornio d’oro”, the first and most longed prize awarded in 1963 at the Museum of Science and Technology in Milan which gave to the company international fame and the worldwide success.

Hand made cartography

In the Beginning…

Back in 1949, Italo Zoffoli decided to start crafting classical globes, following his passion for antique maps and his skills of modeling wood. In his hands, raw material turned into a globe. It was then hand painted, becoming in such way an unique and unrepeatable piece.

Very soon, Zoffoli globes started becoming famous in the domestic market for their originality. After a while the small workshop became a real industry. Later, the following generations continued the company’s development until today, when knowledge and craftsmanship fuse to form the most modern of technologies.

Zoffoli factory

Zoffoli Today…

For almost 6o years the company Zoffoli S.r.l., based in Rimini, has been manufacturing antique style and last generation modern globes.

Zoffoli production department

Production Department

In the production department all standard, special and mechanical tasks are carried out with the use of high technology machinery. Globe-making is an art, which Zoffoli has perfected with greatest passion and care during the decades, achieving the right balance between the efficiency of mass- production and the craftsman’s love for the detail.

The production reliability of Zoffoli is combined with a keen eye for modern technological solutions and the use of avant-garde materials.

Woodworking Department

In the woodworking department the first production phase is started – raw material is precisely cut by computerized machinery to the shapes needed for all the components of Zoffoli globes: legs, bases, northern & southern arches, meridians.

Painting department 2Painting Department

In the painting department parts come off an automatic line where they are colored and lacquered with water-base paints, giving them brilliance and protection without impact on the environment.

In the same department the finished spheres are polished using water-base varnishes which provide a shiny and old-style effect.


Packing department 1

Packing and Shipping

In this delicate phase, the single pieces are duly packed and fixed inside the boxes. The aim is to use the minimum volume to save space in storage, minimizing transport cost and preventing any kind of damage. After packing, the finished products are moved to the shipping department for delivery all over the world.