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Newsweek's Want Page features BarGlobeWord's vintage replica Aristocratic Floor Globe Bar in "Alexa Chung Picks a Few of Her Favorite Things," where the "it" girl says our bar globe is "really rad." It's online at The Daily Beast or read about it in our articles: BarGlobeWorld in Newsweek.


Customer Testimonials
     I simply love my High Roller Globe Bar!  It shipped from Italy across the Adriatic in two days and arrived as stated.  Easy to assemble and it looks gorgeous! Thank you for the product and company integrity! Jeanne Potter.
--- Jeanne Potter, Croatia

      Thank you for the great experience and for making this so easy. I love the product, it completes my man cave and I’m ready to watch the Hawks Vs. Montreal battle it out for the Stanley Cup !!
      A friend of ours is an interior designer.  He was over and howled when he saw it.Thank you and all the best.

--- Allan Hargreaves, Calgary

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Globe Bar Gifts for Retirement, Office & Boss, Executive & Corporate

Free Shipping on All BarGlobeWorld Orders to the U.S. and Many to Europe.
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Gifts for the Business World from
Use the Category Menu at the left to shop for globe bars as
retirement, office, executive & corporate gifts for your boss, clients & colleages.

Retirement Gifts   Corporate and Executive Gifts
Image of Grand Throne Room Floor Globe Bar from BarGlobeWorld.comFinding a suitable retirement gift that's both unique and shows appreciation is almost always difficult. A classic world globe bar cabinet is both. Bar globes are one of those retirement gift ideas that many forget about until they shout "eureka!" when they see a piece of antique replica globe bar furniture. Especially when they find a globe liquor cabinet like this Grand Throne Room Floor Globe Bar, that comes in both classic chestnut or rich mahogany with gold painted trim - our most popular bar globe. If you don't plan on spending so much for a retirement gift, browse the bar globes that are sorted by price at the left. You'll be sure to find a globe bar cabinet to fit your budget.   Image of Executive Suite Floor Globe Bar from an appropriate corporate gift or a classy gift for a top executive is difficult and can even be unnerving. A bar globe from BarGlobeWorld is one of those executive gifts you can't go wrong with. If you're looking for a high end gift, try something like this Executive Suite Floor Globe Bar or any of our floor stand bar globes. One of our king-sized floor-standing globe bars is truly a sight to behold and will impress clients and executives alike. If you are looking for something that's a bit more affordable, have a browse through the globe bar furniture categories menu at the left for a choice of world globe bars that can sit on a desk or any table top.

An Impressive Gift for Your Boss   Office Gifts for Colleagues and Anniversaries

Image of Aristocratic Floor Globe Bar from BarGlobeWorld.comEvery boss will appreciate an elegant bar globe. Not only can your boss serve important clients from an exquisite piece of bar globe furniture, a world globe liquor cabinet is a stunning piece of office decor that will impress everyone in its own right. If you're pooling your money together at the office you might want to have a look at one of our stylish yet classic floor globe bars like this Aristocratic Floor Globe Bar, which was even featured in Newsweek, or if you want to impress your boss on your own with a globe liquor cabinet, have a look in our Desktop Globe Bars section at the left for a desk or table globe bar, or a nautical globe bar set for boaters.


Read our article Bosses Love Bar Globes

  Image of In Vogue Floor Globe Bar from BarGlobeWorld.comIt's not only a boss who would appreciate having a world globe bar at home or in the office, we at BarGlobeWorld can assure you that anyone would love a bar globe. A colleague would be proud to display a vintage replica globe drinks cabinet in his or her home or or office. And if it's the company's anniversary you need a gift for, a piece of globe bar furniture always looks superb as office decor. You can choose an Italian classic bar globe that's a museum-quality antique replica for true vintage class, or a chic and modern piece of globe bar decor like this In Vogue Floor Globe Bar (which comes in both black and white). Whether the interior decor calls for a designer look that's contemporary and cutting edge, or it cries out for classic vintage furniture, you'll find the globe liquor cabinet you need at




Bar Globes Are Our Only Business



Image of bar globes from
Globe drinks cabinets from BarGlobeWorld are bar globe furniture art, not just decor or a bar in a globe. Have a glass of wine from an antique globe bar replica - you'll see why no other vintage replica furniture compares to a globe with a hidden bar. Purchase a bar globe as a corporate gift or retirement gift, or a gift certificate for a globe bar set.


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