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Each globe on our website boasts something beautiful. We simply don’t carry the ugly ones. Here at Bar Globe World, we consider world globes and bar globes to be more than hollow spheres or round storage compartments with maps. They’re art. Whether chic and modern or classic and vintage, recreations of our Earth must be beautiful, or they are not worthy.

True beauty is timeless, so Bar Globe World is forever committed to being your premier source for globe furniture. Choose a category from the menu, or Shop ALL to see our entire selection of world globes, globe bars, and globe serving carts that fit your vintage.

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World Globes Are Our World

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Bar Globe World is owned by a small family business called The Orange Basement. We take pride in our personalized service, and we go that extra mile for our customers. You will never be subjected to an automated menu that puts you on hold to endlessly wait for someone to help you make them some money. We, John and Rita, answer our phones personally because know how frustrating it is. We also know how bad and loud most hold music is.

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Globes Are Our Only Business

You don’t need to browse shoes to find bar globes here at at Bar Globe World. We offer many types of globes and globe bars – floor-standing, desk & table top, cart & trolley – but they are all globes (only beautiful ones, of course). Many other general retailers have some globes on offer among thousands of other products, but at you’re sure to find the decor or gift you’re shopping for, whether you prefer classic Italian globes or old-world nautical globes, vintage 16th-18th century antique replica globe bars, or more contemporary modern world globe furniture with current geographical cartography. And that’s because globes are our ONLY business.






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Image of a quill for the front page customer testimonialsThe quality of the bar globe I ordered is superb, but  I also wanted to thank you for your excellent customer service, which is among the best I have ever encountered, perhaps even the best. I appreciate your overseas calls and patience in answering all my enquiries.


Surrey, England

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