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Here at we know a bit about gift ideas – we’ve been in the bar globe business for a while and we get our share of customer feedback, so we’re happy to pass some of it on to you regarding gift suggestions. Have a look at this category and maybe you’ll find a gift idea that fits your special occasion. You’ll find some great globe bar cabinets for retirement gifts, office gifts, executive & corporate gifts for your boss, clients & colleagues. Bar globe furniture is also a wonderful idea if you’re shopping for wedding gifts, birthday gifts, holiday gifts, special occasions or special people like the most important one – you.

Executive Suite floor globe bar. Great gift ideas.High End Corporate and Executive Gifts

Finding an appropriate corporate gift or a classy gift for a top executive is difficult and can even be unnerving. A bar globe from BarGlobeWorld is one of those executive gifts you can’t go wrong with. If you’re looking for a high end gift, try something like this Executive Suite Floor Globe Bar or any of our floor stand bar globes. One of our king-sized 24-inch diameter floor-standing globe bars is truly a sight to behold and will impress clients and executives alike. If you are looking for something that’s a bit more affordable, have a through the table top globe bar furniture for a choice of world globe bars that can sit on any desk or table.

Grand Throne Room bar globe. Image by Bar Globe World.There’s No Besting a Bar Globe as a Retirement Gift

Finding a suitable retirement gift that”s both unique and shows appreciation is almost always difficult. A classic world globe bar cabinet is both. Bar globes are one of those retirement gift ideas that many forget about until they shout “eureka!” when they see a piece of antique replica globe bar furniture. Especially when they find a globe liquor cabinet like this Grand Throne Room Floor Globe Bar, that comes in both classic chestnut or rich mahogany with gold painted trim – our most popular bar globe. If you don’t plan on spending so much for a retirement gift, have a look at the smaller diameter bar globes or a desk & table top globe bar. You’ll be sure to find a globe bar cabinet to fit your budget.

Image of Newsweek page featuring bar globe from Bar Globe WorldAn Impressive Gift for Your Boss

Every boss will appreciate an elegant bar globe. Not only can your boss serve important clients from an exquisite piece of bar globe furniture, a world globe liquor cabinet is a stunning piece of office decor that will impress everyone in its own right. If you’re pooling your money together at the office you might want to have a look at one of our stylish yet classic floor globe bars like this Aristocratic Floor Globe Bar, which was even featured in  Newsweek magazine, or if you want to impress your boss on your own with a globe liquor cabinet, have a look in our desktop globe bars for a desk or table globe bar, or perhaps a nautical globe bar set for boaters.   Read our article Bosses Love Bar Globes

Aria pen holder desk accessoryOffice Gift Ideas for Colleagues, Retirees, Company Anniversaries 

A colleague would be proud to display a vintage replica globe drinks cabinet in his or her home or or office. And if it’s the company’s anniversary you need a gift for, a piece of globe bar furniture always looks superb as office decor. Bar Globe World has a nice selection of Italian-made desk accessories, like the Italian Aria Desk Globe shown here, that anyone would love to show off.

All white In Vogue floor globe barWedding Gifts, Anniversary Gifts and Gifts for All Occasions

It’s not only a boss who would appreciate having a world globe bar at home or in the office, we at can assure you that anyone would love a bar globe. You can choose an Italian classic bar globe that’s a museum-quality antique replica for true vintage class, or a chic and modern piece of globe bar decor like this In Vogue Italian Elegance Floor Globe Bar which features a current political globe map and is available in several other color choices. Whether the recipient’s interior decor calls for a designer look that’s contemporary and cutting edge, or whether it cries out for classic vintage furniture, you’ll be sure to find the globe liquor cabinet gift you need at

Imperial Queen trolley globe bar

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas

Any mom would most likely appreciate a functional piece of furniture that can be used as a bar on wheels that she can use to store bottles, glassware, stemware and accessories – she can even have condiments on the serving tray. She can simply roll the bar globe trolley into a room and have no need to run back and forth to the kitchen. But that’s not even the most important part – giving mom a quality Italian-made replica antique globe bar cart like the Imperial Queen is like giving her a piece of vintage furniture. When she rolls her globe bar serving cart into the room all eyes will be on her, and that’s exactly the reaction you want for a Mother’s Day gift.

Assorted bar globes. Image by’s Day Gift Ideas

One of our customers once told us that a man cave isn’t complete without a bar globe and he sent us a photo of his. It was true, his room would have been lacking that something special without his piece of vintage globe furniture. Are we sure that a dad would love to have a bar globe? Absolutely! What kind of bar globe? Any of them! So if you simply can’t choose, buy him a gift certificate from and he can choose his own globe drinks cabinet!