You may know whether you want a floor globe bar or table top bar globe, but there are different bar globe types and styles as well.
Use the bar globe types and styles categories to shop for globe liquor cabinets by time period, by country of origin, or specialty.

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Antique replica globe bars. Image by Bar Globe World.

Bar globe replicas with
16th-18th century maps.


Modern world globe bars. Image by Bar Globe World.

Bar globes with
world maps.


Bar globes made in Italy. Image by Bar Globe World.

Bar globes made in
Italy by Zoffoli.


Nautical globe bars. Image by Bar Globe World.

Bar globes made in
China have nautical maps.


Specialty bar globes. Image by Bar Globe World.

Statues, corner furniture,
coffee tables and more.

Bar Globe Types & Styles

If you know you want a world globe that is also a home bar but you don’t really know what kind of globe bar furniture you want, narrowing your search for a floor globe drinks cabinet or desk globe mini bar by shopping for bar globes by type makes actually finding globe bar cabinet furniture you like much more convenient, and you might even get a few ideas that you didn’t have before.

Assorted bar globe types and styles..Bar globe types and styles include classic 16th century replica globe bars, or contemporary globe furniture with a current political map to suit your modern decor. A nautical globe bar set would be a great gift, or perhaps only an Italian globe bar will do. Whatever type of world globe you prefer or furniture style you need, this page will help you choose the perfect floor globe bar, table top mini bar or bar cart gift for your boss, retirement gift, or a gift for you.

Let’s say you have a boss or a friend who’s getting married and all you know is that they like classic furniture and not modern decor. You could simply jump straight to the antique replica bar globes instead of browsing through another category that contains modern furniture.