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Photo of Design Toscano ownersDesign Toscano offers specialty home and garden decor, reproduction furniture and accessories, indoor and outdoor statuary, and one-of-a-kind home and garden accents.

For more than 25 years, this company has introduced exclusive sculptures, furniture, statues, wall art, and decorative furnishings to passionate customers eager to surround themselves with unique and extraordinary objects.

Regarding their globes, the sphere consists of a cast polymer material similar to resin that allow it to keep its shape; then a lithograph printing process is done using acid free paper.  Like all globes, the paper is hand cut and hand applied to match the spherical shape of the globe.  This is identical to the process that is used in Italian globe making since a map is a two-dimensional sheet of paper and it must be attached to a three-dimensional object.

About Design Toscano from Design Toscano:

The founders, Michael and Marilyn Stopka, created Design Toscano in 1990, inspired by the beauty of Europe. While on a trip to Paris, the Stopkas first saw the marvelous carvings of gargoyles and water spots at the Notre Dame Cathedral. Inspired by the beauty and mystery of these pieces, they decided to introduce the world of Medieval gargoyles to America in 1993.

On a later trip to Albi, France, the Stopkas has the pleasure of being exposed to the world of Jacquard tapestries that they added quickly to the growing catalog. Since then, the product line has grown to include Egyptian, Medieval and other period pieces that are now among the current favorites of Design Toscano customers. The extensive collection of garden fountains, statuary, authentic canvas replicas of Asian, Tropical masterpieces and other antique art reproductions have become customer favorites through the years.


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