National Geographic Globes Line

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National Geographic Globes Line

National Geographic is a brand that everyone recognizes, beginning with the name of their famous magazine to the downright spectacular photography. If the magazine and imagery are so superb, why shouldn’t the National GeographicGlobes Line be? Well, the answer to that is, they are.

Photo of an atlas and a compass for the National Geographic Line page

National Geographic Is Renowned for Its Mapmaking

The renowned company describes its globes as “the finest representations of our Earth” and says they feature “our legendary cartography and precise engineering.”

Each and every globe model includes thousands of place names, current information, a detailed instruction booklet, and a certificate of authenticity.

National Geographic Globes Line come in various styles and mount types, including floor-standing globes, desk or tabletop globes, and even illuminated globes. There’s even a globe of the moon.

National Geographic Maps has been mapmaking since its map department was founded in 1915. The company has always been a strong advocate of education, research, conservation, and exploration through the National Geographic Society.

Gilbert H. Grosvenor, National Geographic magazine’s founding editor, is credited with saying that “A map is the greatest of all epic poems. Its lines and colors show the realization of great dreams.” This statement has inspired the work of National Geographic cartographers for nearly a century and accurately summarizes the way maps can capture the imagination.