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World Globes by Waypoint Geographic


Waypoint Geographic is a leading manufacturer of geographic based products such as world globes, wall maps and educational toys and games. These products are designed to serve two purposes, decorative home and office accents and educational reference for children and adults.

The visual reference of a 3D globe is unmatched and stirs the memory and imagination of the beholder. We create many styles and sizes of these items to ensure a great fit for just about every taste!

Waypoint Geographic is a manufacturer and distributor of world globes, wall maps, puzzles, toys and many other geographic and educational products based in the USA. Their products are distributed amongs some of the world’s top retailers, in addition to being available directly to you from our online store.

Waypoint’s team of cartographic specialists is based in the USA with years of experience in designing and developing cartography for use on maps, globes and other unique product types. In addition to unique cartographic features, you will find a variety of styles. From traditional globes and maps that provide that nostalgic old world look to modern designs that feature color and unique mountings.

In addition to the Waypoint Geographic™ brand, you will also find products under the brands Round World Products™, Round World Junior™, Hemispheres™ and Scrunch™.


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