Tre Esse Globes Collection

Tres Esse Firenze graphic for the Tre Esse Globes Collection pageogo

The Tre Esse Globes Collection by Zoffoli


The Tre Esse Globes Collection is a series of beautiful world globes and bar globes that are free renditions of terrestrial globes. This means that the globe maps are not exact copies of 16th or 18th century maps. They are stylized vintage globes which feature mythological beings and graphic illustrations.

Studio photo of the ivory white globe bar Tucano for the Tre Esse Globes Collection page.

Lovey Tre Esse Globes Collection features mythological illustrations

Tre Esse-Firenze (formerly Tre Esse-Santelli), a company that manufactured Italian globe bars, opened in 1966 in Florence – 17 years after Zoffoli. It produced beautiful bar globes for many years until it sadly shut its doors in 2012. While in itself this is very unfortunate, however, Zoffoli was able to purchase its designs, drawings, molds and other materials and is now keeping the Tres Esse Italian globe bars and name alive for the world to enjoy.

It is also important to mention that Tres Esse had earlier purchased the designs of another manufacturer of Italian globe bars that closed in 1989 and as a result was able to produce Universal Globe brand bar globes, so by acquiring Tres Esse, Zoffoli is keeping two brands alive. Zoffoli is now the sole remaining Italian manufacturer of bar globe furniture.

Fantasy will accompany you on a wonderful journey through the amazing world of Tre Esse-Firenze. You will discover unexplored territories populated by mythological figures, monsters and mermaids. Like modern Argonauts you will embark on many adventures, become the protagonists of countless stories, and travel through space and time.

“Florence, the art city par excellence, is where the Tre-Esse brand comes to life. Selected waxed wood and accurate processing make each piece a timeless classic. Each object is exclusive and unrepeatable…all this, combined with the Made in Italy craftsmanship, makes our collection of globes as unique as a signature: Tre-Esse Firenze.” – Zoffoli