Image of floor stand bar globes. Image by Bar Globe World.Floor Globe Bars and Floor-Standing Bar Globe Furniture

Bar Globe World offers a wide range of modern and vintage floor globe bars. We group these floor stand globe bars by the size of their world globes to make finding antique replica floor globe bar cabinets easy. We have floor globe bars with king size extra large globes that span 2 feet. Even the small sized world globes are over a foot wide in diameter.

All world globe bars in the king size floor globe bars section, both the modern decor furniture cabinets and reproductions of antique 16th century world globes, are made in Italy by Zoffoli with hand-finished screen printing, solid wood, and earth globes that feature masterful cartography.

Floor bar globes from BarGlobeWorld are pieces of bar globe furniture art, not just a bar in a globe. No other vintage replica globe furniture compares to a floor-standing globe with a bar. BarGlobeWorld’s vintage floor bar globes, as well as modern floor-standing globe drinks cabinets, are also excellent corporate gifts and retirement gifts.

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