World globes for kids. Image by Bar Globe World.World Globes for Kids & Teens | Make Geography Fun for Your Kids

Using a world globe as an educational tool for your child is nothing new, but you can make it a lot more fun with world globes for kids and teens that are designed specifically for them. Your youngsters can have a great time coloring in the Bimbi world globe and won’t be able to help learning about the world while doing it.

Children and teens also love to decorate their rooms and we have plenty of modern bright colored geographical and educational tools that will complement their furniture and become part of their decor. Some of the globes of the world even open up so that your kids can store their jewelry or other personal belongings (or bunny rabbits, of course).

The world globes below are made in Italy by Zoffoli and belong to the Italian manufacturer’s Geographica collection.  So have a look below at our selection of world globes for children and let your kids have fun while they learn geography.