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A bar globe is a superb feature in a home or office. Narrow your search by using the product filters to find the perfect globe bar that fits your vintage.

All world globes in this section are globes that contain a mini bar inside them, that is, the globe sphere opens up to reveal storage space inside for bottles and glassware. It’s a common occurrence to be sure that you want a world globe that is also a home bar, but you don’t really know what kind of globe bar furniture you want, Globe bars can come mounted on floor stands. They can be placed on a table or desk. They come in various diameters and colors. They come from Italy, the USA, China. They can be authentic 16th-century replicas. They can be nautical. They can feature current political maps. Our description of Globe Types may be of some help. And if you need a globe bar cabinet as a gift for a wedding or a boss or a parent but you just don’t know what kind they would like, you can always purchase a Gift Card and let them decide.