This eloquently crafted floor-standing baroque bar globe originated in Italy, as did Baroque art and architecture. The artistic style is known for its exuberance and grandeur, as well as exaggerated gestures, motion and dramatic expressions. Those descriptions depict the new addition of this floor-standing baroque bar globe to Zoffoli’s Classic Collection perfectly, from the dramatic curves of the legs to the eloquently illustrated wooden base.
The antique-style world globe’s 16th century map is an accurate reproduction that is adhered to the sphere by traditional means, using layers of printed paper called gores. The beautifully illustrated inner dome serves as the ceiling for the drinks cabinet within.
Three generations of globe-crafting have given Zoffoli the expertise and the versatility to produce a diverse selection of globe furniture art, like this Baroque-style bar globe, and still remain true to the period.
Specifications of the baroque bar globe:

– Globe diameter 16” (40 cm)
– Manufacturer: Zoffoli S.r.l. (Rimini, Italy)
– Overall area 23¼” x 23¼” (59 cm x 59 cm)
– Height 36½” (93 cm)
– Weight 26½ lb (11 kg)
– Glassware not included

– Ships fully assembled