Globe Types

There are so many various globe types to choose from that we felt it necessary to give our customers a little run-down of the types and styles that we offer.

Bar Globe World offers a wide range of modern and vintage floor globe bars and standard world globes. We group these floor stand globe bars, table top globes and standard world globes by the size of their globe spheres to make finding antique replica floor globe bar cabinets and other items easy. We have globes that are king-size, extra large globes that span 2 feet. Even the small-sized world globes are often over a foot wide in diameter.

Globe Types by Size

Graphic of colossal diameter globe

Colossal | 24″ to 32″

Graphic of extra large diameter globe

Extra Large | 24″

Graphic of large diameter globe

Large | 18″ to 22″

Graphic of medium diameter globe

Medium | 16″ to 18″

Graphic of small diameter globe

Small | 13″ to 15″

Graphic of petite diameter globe

Petite | 12″ and Under

Colossal | 24  to 32 Inches Diameter

The largest globe manufacturer in the world, Replogle, makes globes that we call colossal because their 32-inch girth is truly spectacular. Unfortunately, the price is pretty spectacular too.

Extra Large King Size | 24 Inches Diameter

The majestic king size extra large bar globes are the crown jewels of our floor globe bar collection. The world globes of the king size range are 2 ft wide and comprise truly impressive antique replica and modern world globe bar decor. They are manufactured in Italy by Zoffoli, the world leader in the manufacture of antique replica world globes and globe bar drinks cabinets with over 60 years of globe-making expertise. We import each floor globe bar set in our extra large bar globes category, as well as most bar globes in other categories, directly from Italy.

The king-sized floor-standing bar globes at BarGlobeWorld include both vintage replicas as well as modern globe furniture with current political world maps. The reproductions are true replicas of original antique world globes. They feature hand-finished screen printing, solid wood stands, and accurate museum-quality reproductions of 16th century maps. The antique replica maps on these extra large bar globes are printed and applied in layers.

Floor globe bars aren’t simply classic world globes with built-in liquor cabinets, and Zoffoli doesn’t just make floor bar globes for pretty bar furniture. The vintage replica earth globe home bars you’ll find here are true pieces of period furniture art – decor that makes a statement. The modern world globe bar cabinets and reproduction antique floor globe bars are also thoughtful gifts for loved ones and powerful executive gifts. Impress your boss with a gift certificate for a vintage bar globe from

Large Size | 18 to 22 Inches in Diameter

These impressive floor-standing globes feature large globes. They are considered large due to the girth of their world globes and not the size of the floor standing world globe bar furniture or the stands they are mounted on. The diameters of the large world globes on these floor stand drinks cabinets range between 19 and 22 inches.

Bar Globe World takes great pride in its vintage world globe bar cabinets and the quality of each large floor globe bar set. Floor-standing globe bars are more than just large globes with hidden liquor cabinets, and floor globe bars are more than pretty pieces of bar globe furniture. The antique globe drinks cabinet replicas found here are true works of vintage replica furniture art, decor that makes a statement. So go ahead and make a statement!

Floor-stand globe bars also make excellent retirement gifts and powerful executive gifts. Impress your boss with a vintage bar globe or give a loved one a gift certificate for a globe with a bar from

Medium Size Diameter | 16 to 18 Inches Diameter

These medium bar globes are in the mid range floor globe category due to the size of the world globes of the antique replica globe bar or modern globe furniture. The diameter of the medium globes on these floor standing bar globes and desk globes is 16 to 18 inches.

Most of the bar globes with medium globes seen here are Italian vintage replicas, meaning they feature true authentic replicas of original antique world globes; accurate museum-quality 16th, 17th, and 18th century map reproductions, are hand screen-printed.

Small Size | 13 to 15 Inches Diameter

These globes fall in the small globes bar furniture category because of the size of their world globes, not the antique replica globe bar cabinets or mounts themselves. Although they are are in the small size range for globe bar furniture or desk globes, the diameters of the world globes on these globe bars are more than one foot across, so these floor standing world globes aren’t really small at all.

Petite Size | 12 Inches Diameter and Under

These globes fall in the petite globe category because of the size of their world globes, not the furniture or mounts they sit on. Although they are are in the smallest size range, the diameters of the world globes are one foot across and under.

Globe Types by Mount

Floor-Standing Globes and Bar Globes 

Floor stand bar globes from are pieces of furniture art, not just a bar in a globe or a sphere on a stick. No other vintage replica globe furniture compares to a floor-standing globe with a bar. BarGlobeWorld’s vintage floor bar globes, as well as modern floor-standing globe drinks cabinets, are also excellent corporate gifts and retirement gifts.

Table Top Globes and Bar Globes

Desk globes, and especially table top globe bars from, transform any plain surface into a piece of vintage or modern furniture. Many people have world globes perched on tables or shelves, but an antique replica desk globe with a home mini bar inside turns a globe into vintage decor. Plus, you get bar storage and globe bar furniture all in one. Desktop globe mini bars don’t mean limited bar storage. Many of the antique replica table top bar globes offered at BarGlobeWorld have diameters as large as the world globes of floor globe bars or globe bar carts and trolleys. The width of some table & desk globe bars is greater.

There are more advantages to having a portable wine bar in a vintage world globe replica that sits on a table: you don’t need floor space to fit a small globe bar set; you can use it to adorn featureless tables or counters; small bar globes are more moderately priced than floor globe bars or globe bar carts & serving trolleys, since you already own the base. Antique replica desk globe bars turn ordinary pieces of furniture into works of bar furniture art.

Turn any desktop into a showpiece with vintage replica globes and chic globe desk accessories & bookends: pen & pencil holders, post-it holders, desk clocks, paperweights, photo frames, world globe bookends & more, or enhance the decor of any room with a contemporary Italian globe. The world globes at come in many styles. We offer globe desk accessories & bookends with antique replica globes, world globes made with elegant leather, or designer globes with contemporary flare that come in a wide choice of colors. The world globe bookends will beautifully complement your library or study at home or as an office gift.

Carts | Bar Globe Furniture that Serves You

The stunning cart bar globes and world globe bar trolleys from all contain mini bars inside their finely detailed antique replica world globes, which are the features of this globe bar furniture. The bases of the globe bar carts and globe mini bar trolleys provide extra glassware storage. Our portable globe bar carts and vintage world globe serving trolleys combine modern-day convenience with age-old elegance. Many of the serving trays and shelves on these vintage world globe bar trolleys are works of art themselves, featuring finely detailed, screen printed, hand finished illustrations. The ornate legs of the globe mini bar carts are made of turned wood and equipped with casters for mobility.

BarGlobeWorld’s world globe bar carts and vintage globe bar trolleys feature 16th and 17th century maps. Roll a globe bar serving cart into a room and guests will be so impressed they’ll stop to admire the globe bar furniture. Let others serve guests from a standard bar while you roll out an exquisite vintage globe drinks cabinet that’s a bar in a globe.

A vintage replica globe bar cart also makes a great Mother’s Day gift or a gift for other occasions. If you’re at a loss as to which one to choose, let the recipient choose for you – simply purchase a gift card from Bar Globe World.

Specialty Globes

As you can guess, the specialty collection items have distinctive features and/or specialized functions. We placed these globes in a category of their own to make it easier for you to target what you’re looking for when what you’re looking for is a bit unique. At the moment, our specialy category consists of game globes, but soon we will have gemstone globes, illuminated globes, and more.

Game Holder Globes – Casino Sets and Vintage Replica World Globes in One

Game holder globes are truly unique – next time a roulette game or poker night is scheduled at your house, impress guests by pulling your cards, chips, dice or chess pieces out of a beautifully-crafted world globe from Our game holder globes are fully equipped. The roulette sets even come with roulette wheels.

Many of our game globes are made in Italy by Zoffoli, the world leader in antique replica wooden globe manufacturing, and these Italian globes feature accurate museum-quality reproduction world maps of the 16th century. We also have some  game globes with nautical globe maps by Old Modern Handicrafts for those who love the old world seas. Don’t just stick your cards in a drawer, keep them on a table or desk in a game set globe. You’ll have both a game holder and vintage replica globe to display proudly in your home or office.

Game Set World Globes Make Excellent Corporate Gifts

It’s not always easy to select a gift for a boss or an important client. These game set world globes make great executive gifts and corporate gifts. Who wouldn’t like to have a casino hidden away in a beautiful piece of decor? And don’t forget our huge selection of floor-standing bar globes, desk globe bars and other globe furniture — these make lovely retirement gifts and wedding gifts as well.

Globe Types by Period 

Nothing Makes Heads Turn Like an Antique Reproduction Globe Bar

When you show off a beautiful antique globe bar replica in your office you’re making a statement to you clients and colleagues. There’s nothing as head-turning as a piece of vintage style globe bar furniture. A stunning 16th century globe reproduction used as a home bar in your living room says “class.” Whether you would like an Italian floor-standing bar globe with a classic world globe reproduction, a table top bar globe or a serving cart with a globe mini bar, you’ll find them all below.

Don’t forget that if you need a retirement gift, a birthday gift for your boss or a gift for someone special and you don’t know which bar globe he or she would like, you can purchase a gift card from BarGlobeWorld and they can decide on which globe bar cabinet they want on their own!

Modern World Globes and Bar Globes with Current Political and Geographical Maps

Some of the world globes we offer at Bar Globe World are chic and modern, suiting any minimalist decor. Some have vintage features that harmonize classic with contemporary styles and disguise liquor cabinets. The bar globes seem to be antique replicas, but actually the modern world globe bars display modern maps. Contemporary Italian globes by Zoffoli add charm and grace to a room, and floor globes with modern world maps and home bars are both functional and beautiful.

The manufacturer of these floor stand bar globes has been making globes since 1949 and now merges ancient craft with cutting-edge technological solutions.
We wanted to “create a modern version of the geographical globe that remains true to the concept of elegance and excellence in a classical crafted object.”   more on Zoffoli

Gea Collection | Zoffoli says charm, hard work and passion are the qualities that make the Gea Collection world globes unique. Whatever the reasons, we agree that these contemporary bar globes truly are unique. Even though they feature current world maps, the overall effect of each globe bar set is that of a classic and timeless piece of bar furniture.

Geographica Collection | The floor globe mini bars in the Geographica Collection, Zoffoli’s designer series are stunning. Introduced in 2011, this new series exudes cutting-edge style and design, while holding on to timeless features the artisans have mastered. A chic white or black lacquered globe mini bar stands out in any home and makes an awe-inspiring executive gift.

Nautical Bar Globes and Globe Bar Drinks Cabinets

The vast majority of globe bar furniture and globe bar cabinets made in China and other locations besides Italy feature 16th and 17th century replica nautical bar globes. Bar Globe World merged these globe bar sets to make shopping for vintage bar globes and nautical gifts easier.

Sail the Old World seas with nautical decor globe bars from, because nautical bar globes bring magic to any room. The floor globe bars, desk bar globes and globe bar carts in our nautical decor globe bar section bring the Old World into your home or office.

Imagine conquering Old World serpents and Sirens’ voices. The earth isn’t flat, sea monsters are lore, but don’t abandon the sense of adventure that nautical furniture and nautical decor bar globe cabinets bring.

Nautical globe bars from make outstanding nautical gifts and lovely corporate gifts for anyone who loves the sea and Old World legends. Or buy gift certificates for nautical bar furniture globes from BarGlobeWorld.

“And the sea will grant each man new hope – his sleep brings dreams of home.” — Christopher Columbus